Idaho Whitetail Hunting
Our Backcountry Whitetail hunt is conducted at the remote Gilmore Ranch. This Historic Rach sets in the middle of tens of thousands of acres of public land. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to venture into a very remote roadless area and hunt bucks that have never seen hunting pressure. We lodge in the original 1930’s Barton Cabin. This historical homestead cabin is nothing fancy but it keeps us warm and comfortable during this late season hunt and adds a very distinctive element to your trip. 
At the Gilmore Ranch, most of the bucks we take are  between 130″ and 180″  every year.
To date, we have had a continuous 100% success rate on deer hunts. Year after year  after year.
These secluded bucks are practically blind to people, with their noses lowered to the ground, trying to find their next partner and occasionally, a good fight.
Rattling, grunting, still-hunting, and glassing are all options on this remote wilderness hunt. We do a limited number of these hunts and they go fast so give us a call today to book this unique whitetail hunting adventure. 
Late Season Rifle Whitetail Hunt       $3,000
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