Bear Hunting
     If you are looking for an action packed hunt, our bear hunts are the hunt for you. The state of Idaho allows us to hunt these bruins three ways, spot and stalk, over bait and with the use of hounds. This allows us to personalize our bear hunts to each hunters hunting preferences and abilities. 
     Our typical hunt consists of either spot & stalk or hound hunting in the mornings and sitting on the baits in the evenings. Having all of these hunting tactics at our disposal  swells our success rates near 100%. 

      HCO hunts bears in both the spring and fall. Our spring hunt is the most popular when the bears are just out of hibernation and still have their prime winter coats.
      Both Hells Canyon and the Salmon River canyon hold an extremely high population of color phase bears; red, cinnamon, blonde, chocolate and everything in between. We strongly recommend the hound hunting, If you are looking for an adrenaline-charged hunt; this is it. It is hard to put into words the level of excitement that this hunt provides. Although our territory is some of the most rugged you can find in North America, the private ranches that we lease give us excellent access to our hunting area. This allows us to to run our hounds for almost all of our clients, regardless of physical ability.
     We hunt spring bears Late April - late June and fall bears in September. Accommodations are in one of our  hunting lodges and all bear hunts include meals, lodging, field dressing and trophy care. 
Bear hunt from Lodge (Spring or Fall)
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Rifle or Archery 5 day hunt
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These hunts are conducted early in the spring at Big Canyon Ranch where we have put together over 14,000 acres of private land with some of the best bear habitat in the state. We hunt these Bears spot and stalk in the mornings and sit on baits in the evenings.  
These bears feed on the slides and open ridges of this rugged canyon which makes it ideal for anyone interested in long range shooting. This ranch holds some big old boars that live in an area  rarely seen by people.
Add a Merriam Turkey: $500
3 Day Merriam Turkey hunt With meals and Lodging: $2,500
Big Canyon Ranch Bear Hunts